Online Private Tutoring: Science and Math for you or your kids…


We teach Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics lessons online for $5 a lesson!!
We teach students (from grade 1 to 12)  who want to improve their physics,mathematics and chemistry scores or simply become better at these subjects.
Unlike other online tutors, we don’t charge by the hour
(most of them demand about $50 per hour).
We charge by the lesson.
Our price is $5 per lesson. 
We will work with you until you ace the selected topic.
Feel free to ask us anything about our services.
Email me or drop us a message on fiverr.
Currently we teach selected lessons aimed at high school students, but you can   request new  lessons and we will add them for you. 
(Please note that you have to go through a FREE and easy sign up to fiverr before ordering our services. After ordering, you will be asked to visit scriblink, the online whiteboard for live teaching sessions, which requires no sign up. Lessons are only done in English language.)